Our Classes


Body Blitz: Let's just do it all!  Strength and endurance for the whole body.  Complexity and intensity is moderate.

BoxFit:  Thump time! Interval training with boxing moves.  Complexity low.  Intensity moderate to high.

The Box: Circuit training, boxing, and strength exercises all in a 30 minute session. Build up for this one. Complexity low.  Intensity high.

MyStrength: Body weight interval training - push yourself.  Complexity low.  Intensity high.

Total Attack: Combat, boxing and step moves. Complexity moderate.  Intensity high.(This is a demanding workout  - not for beginners.)

BodyMoves: Cardio workout.  Complexity moderate to high. Intensity high.

Total Heat: Whole body circuit, tabbata style.

Total Suspense: Full body TRX suspense training.

BodyPump: Les Mills says “the fastest way to get in shape”. 800 reps in one hour, whole body conditioning.  Complexity is low.  Intensity is moderate to high. Click here for a recent article about this exercise phenomenon!

BBT: Belly, butt and thighs. Tighter, firmer abs and buttocks. Complexity low.  Intensity moderate.

Active Over 50s: Fun, gentle exercise for anyone.

SPIN: Invigorating cycle class with mountains to climb! All levels, 30 minute and 45 minute classes.  Complexity low.  Intensity high.

Pilates: Focus on core strength, flexibility and balance.

YOGA: Stretching, mobility and relaxation.  An experienced teacher will guide you through.




Recommendations: For safety the “warm up” and “cool down” are important. Late entry or not staying until the end of the class could lead to injury. If you are pregnant or injured please inform the instructor before starting the class. Check changes to timetables on public holidays on our website. If unsure of health status please see your doctor before starting classes or an exercise program.


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